• 2011/ Schneider Digital

    Images for Schneider Digital Josef J. Schneider e. K.
    Visualizations of their miniVR-Wall for graphical and technical design, simulation and research

    Schneider Digital is a full-service distributor for pro-quality graphics cards from 3Dlabs, ATI and PNY, specialises in high-performance workstations and professional 3D hardware, and is also a highly-experienced partner for projects in the area of CAx and 3D graphics, from input to output of the data. 
    The company ensures that it stays informed about the latest developments by working with leading hardware manufacturers, software developers and independent research institutes.
    .Autodesk 3DS Max
    .Adobe After Effects
    .Adobe Photoshop
    Thorsten Kuttig (Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Retouche)
    © 2011, Schneider Digital Josef J. Schneider e. K. , Thorsten Kuttig