• 2008/ Zeitgeist City

    For this project we had to work in Maidstone, UK for Theory 7. I was hired for supervision.

    Microsoft - as leading agency - asked Theory 7 to build a futuristic city, called "Zeitgeist". At the same time, Ogilvy worked on a commercial, both parts were used for the launch of the new Ford Fiesta 2008.

    So I modeled lots of buildings, structures, I shaded and animated the whole city and car, I´ve setup a huge renderfarm and did the whole render-management.

    This project was really a compex one, especially as it was our first FullHD project and as we couldn´t use existing buildings. All the buildings had to be designed first.

    Unfortunately the Flash Special is not online anymore. Here are some animations out of the production.

    .Autodesk Maya
    .Autodesk 3DS Max
    .Canopus Edius
    .Adobe Premiere
    .Adobe After Effects
    .Adobe Photoshop
    .Adobe Flash

    Theory7 LTD - Producer
    Nadja Slade - Project Manager
    Nevil Slade - Compositor, Flash Artist
    Michael O´Hare - Modeling, pre-Shading
    Giorgos Chronopoulos - Modeling, pre-Shading
    Sonja Schlichter - add. Modeling, pre-Shading, Data Cleaning
    Thorsten Kuttig - 3D Lead (Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Animation, Rendermanagement, Environment Design)

    © 2008, Theory7 LTD, Microsoft , Ford Motor Company