• e-Cyas

    When I officially started my career as 3D Artist, I have been hired by ID Media GmbH for several smaller jobs, until I got all the capabilities to work on eCyas...the "electronical, cybernetical, artificial superstar"

    eCyas was germanys very first official virtual popstar, who had his own song (produced by Alex Christensen) and his own music-video and if I remember right, he was placed under the Top 100.

    Together with my good ol´ friend and colleague, Dejan Momcillovic, I worked hard to bring eCyas to life. It is a much, much longer story, as we had a long and hard way to go and we experienced the one or other adventure, but yes...

    eCyas was the initial for me, to get a character-artist :)

    .Autodesk Maya
    .Kaydara Filmbox
    .Softimage DS
    .Adobe Photoshop

    ID Media GmbH & Co.KG  - Producer, Project Management (+ former Team)
    Dejan Momcillovi - Character Modeling, Modeling, Animation, Motion Capture
    Thorsten Kuttig - Character Modeling, Modeling, Animation, Facial Animation

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