• Sharin

    After I finished eCyas - germanys first virtual popstar, I decided to create my very first female character by my own.
    I did a lot of research and read anatomy books, I scribbled, painted and modeled.
    I re-modeled, re-designed and re-animated her on hundreds of different ways.

    This is Sharin.
    In 2000, Sharin was pretty famous in the 3D communities and has been published in quite a few magazines, like the german "Digital Production" or the former "3D-Live" magazine, even in some foreign magazines, Sharin got her 15 minutes of fame.
    I guess, it also was the first character, that has been animated with Motion Capturing inside Maya, as I got a lot of calls from Alias, Kaydara and some Motion Capture studios, as everybody wanted to get knowledge about my workflow insided former Alias software, Maya.

    Well, she´s gettin´ older, I´m gettin´older and maybe one day, I bring her to life again...we´ll see :)

    .Autodesk Maya
    .Autodesk Motionbuilder
    .Kaydara Filmbox
    .Adobe Premiere
    .Adobe After Effects
    .Adobe Photoshop

    Thorsten Kuttig - Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Animation
    © 2000-2011, Thorsten Kuttig, e·Sence - digital department