• Kenya

    "When tourists visit Kenya, they mostly will spend one week or so in one of our wonderful lodges.
    Your safari is totally different from what I know, since I´m doing this job, as tourist guide."

    This is, what our guide told us, when we subscribed to our own special safari, for our own experience.

    We visited Kenya to make a safari for 3 weeks. We wanted to see all and everything.
    Therefore we rented a full equipped 4WD Land Cruiser with a driver for our 4500km long trip through the real Kenya.
    We started in Mombasa, passed all the important National Parks, like Tsavo, Masai Mara, Aberdare, Mount Kenya National Park and others.
    We did see the Rift Valley, a lot of waterfalls, passed Nairobi and made a short trip to Tanzania for seeing the Kilimanjaro.

    As it was christmas time, we brought a lot of presents for those poor people, like lots of clothes and toys for the children.
    It was amazing and...it was disgusting at the same time.

    Three of us had a bad food poisoning for about two weeks (!), we couldn´t find a doctor until we got to Nairobi.
    And we couldn´t find something, that is eatable for a european guy.

    Well...the real Kenya is different from what you guys probably know.
    It´s different from what you know of all those wonderful prospects and tourism bureaus.
    The real Kenya is survival training...but..isn´t it that, what I was searching for?
    Yes...it was, but without getting political...it was strange...and I´ll never understand.

    Kenya is nice...but ex-pen-sive, even if we slept in tents. It was our most expensive journey ever and much more expensive than i.e. New Zealand.

    If I would go there again?

    .Canon EOS 20D
    .Canon IXUS 700
    .Kodak Zi6, minHD camera
    .Canon EF 70-300, 4.5-5.6, IS USM
    .B&W Polarizer
    .Canon EF-S 17-85 IS USM
    .B&W Polarizer
    .Manfrotto 190DB tripod
    .Manfrotto 700RC2 head

    © 2009, Thorsten Kuttig

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