• 2015-11/ ZEISS 3D

    Calipers And Accessories for Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machines.

    2011 we were supposed to animate some examples of the calipers and accessories for our new client ZEISS 3D Automation GmbH.

    In 2012 we produced a visualization of the brand new Thermo Fit XL system.

    In 2013 the new TEMPAR temperature monitoring system has been released and we produced a visualization to illustrate some of the advantages.

    And in 2014 we had the pleasure to visualize the brandnew GSF - Global Standard Fixture system.

    .Autodesk 3DS Max
    .Adobe After Effects
    .Adobe Premiere
    .Adobe Photoshop
    .Canopus Edius

    Sonja Schlichter - Project Management
    Oliver Berg - Animation, Rendering, Compositing of the ThermoFit XL
    Thorsten Kuttig - Storyboarding, Shading, Lighting, Animation, Rendering, Compositing

    © 2011/2012/2013/2014 CARL ZEISS 3D Automation GmbH, Thorsten Kuttig