• 2011/ Märklin

    This short is a teaser for Märklin for their launch of a new brand - "Märklin - My World".
    Märklin is a famous german manufacturer of model railways and together with Jung von Matt as leading agency, Madness GmbH was supposed to create a 45 sec. long teaser in 3D.

    At first we had to create a Key-Visual, which should be the base for our short.
    Therefore Jung von Matt created a couple of mood-boards, the rest was up to us.

    With a few keywords like "fast", "big", "high-quality", "up and down", hills, "science fiction", "super clean style" etc, we began in several tries, to find a proper style.
    Unfortunatley time was short, so we couldn´t exaggerate, we had to focus on the fundamentals.

    As I´m not a designer, I had my problems to find proper and cool looking shapes, so I did a lot of research for design-styles, I modeled I-dunno-how-many-models, put them into trash an started from scratch.

    In the meanwhile the train has been modeled and the base light-setup has been created.

    As I didn´t had a precise storyboard, the way was the goal, so I began with the animatic.
    After finishing it, I noticed, that I had much too much shots, as we only needed 30 up tp 45 seconds.

    So I edited a 30 seconds version and started with the lighting and final animation of each shot, as our compositor waited for the first outputs to create a look.

    Well...in 6 weeks we created round about 1:20 min of FullHD shots, where each image took between 2-6 hours to render.

    Visit "Märklin - My World"

    .Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2011
    .Canopus Edius
    .Adobe Premiere
    .Adobe After Effects
    .The Foundry Nuke
    .Adobe Photoshop
    Jung von Matt GmbH (leading agency)
    Madness GmbH (producer)
    Sonja Schlichter (project management)
    Günter Zimmermann (concept)
    Frenky Golubicic (modeling and texturing train)
    Hanna Binswanger (additional prop-modeling)
    Silvio Schwarz (grading, motion graphics, final compositing)
    Harmut Zeller (sounddesign and composition)
    Thorsten Kuttig (Lead Artist, modeling, animation, shading, lighting, editing, temp sounddesign)
    © 2011, Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH, Jung von Matt GmbH, Madness GmbH