• 2007/ Dear Anne

    While working for 263 Films in Milan (Feb. 07- Nov. 07) on Dario Picciaus "Dear Anne - The Gift Of Hope", I was - beside TD-Consulting - responsible for the skinning of r.a. 30 human characters and the facial animation system of their faces.

    We used a Vicon 8+ Motion Capture System with 28 cameras to capture the actors faces with r.a. 100 markers.

    I got a lot of tipps from my good ol´ friend Dejan, who is motion-capture supvervisor at Weta Digital and while finding a good and well working system, to place the markers on the face and the head, Andrea Brogi worked on a very complex constraint-system inside Motionbuilder, to get these bunch of markers moved in a proper way.

    It was most interesting to see, how these "hundreds" of markers seemed to move each virtual muscle in the virtual face of our characters.

    After months of working by "trial and error", by skinning Annes and Ottos face "hundreds;)" of times, every time in a different way, we found a good solution to get the muscles moved. We developed scripts to transfer skinning weights. We played around with different head-setups, different amounts of markers, which were also differed in size and reflection behaviour.

    Unfortunately the production of this great and hyperrealistic movie has been stopped and 263 Films closed.

    I don´t have that much to show, these small samples are a few artifacts, of what I was able to gather, when leaving Milan.

    .Autodesk 3DS Max

    .Autodesk Maya

    .Autodesk Motiobuilder


    263 Films - Producer

    Dario Picciau - Director

    Sonja Schlichter - Line Producer

    Gregor Strasz - Character Texturing

    Andrea Brogi - Motionbuilder Pipeline

    Thorsten Kuttig - TDconsultant, Skinning Supervisor, Facial Animation Artist

    © 2007, 263 Films srl